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World Models Extra 300S Electric Conversion

First off let me say this is a really nice kit. Every piece so far has fit with exactness and the covering is immaculate. I have permanently attached the horizontal stab and vertical stab. You have the option of pinning and screwing the horizontal surface. I used 5 min epoxy to secure. The servos are installed in the wings and both elevator halves. I thought about just "y-rodding" the halves together but opted to use two separate servos. The servos I have selected are the Hitec Digital 5625 MG's for the wings and elevator. A faster 5925 will go into the pull-pull rudder. The pull-pull is included in the kit.

Next I fabricated the sliding battery bay and tray. I did this because I now can switch between 3D mode and scale aerobatic mode by changing the CG. This is done by simply sliding the battery tray for or aft to get the desired CG. It is velcro'd in place once placement is made.

Before the tray installation After the tray is installed
Next I added the Jones Witch High Amp Arming Switch for safety reasons. With 42 volts on a prop and can easily hurt you or worse. Note the doubler I used to reinforce the sidewall of the fuselage. I used 10 gauge Castle Creations high strand wire for this. The JW comes with this as standard. The switch is barely noticeable on the black

OK, now on to the cool stuff. Since I will be using a very high voltage system, Uax power has to be provided to the receiver as there is no BEC on the any of the larger ESC's. I am using the Dualsky VR-3 because of its 5 amp max. The receiver used is the Vampowerpro digital RD8.

Next came the mounting of the Dualsky XM6360CA motor. It develops 2450 watts and the Extra weighs at 14.22 pounds. That figures to 172 watts per poundíK.nice. Here is the mounting I came up with. I reversed the shaft on the motor and that worked well. The standoff was a total of 2 1/2" from the firewall. The spacers were purchased from a local hardware store for .43 cents each. I used 8 of them. The ESC is velcro'd to the inside motor mount. This worked well with a little CA on the velcro that attached to the bare wood.

The spinner included is gorgeous and a perfect fit on the motor for a truly scale appearance. The cowling could be a bit beefier for gas but I would rather have its lower weight for the conversion. The wheel pants were nicely finished from the factory with smooth paint. The kit contained perfectly finished and aligned wing tube mounts and an aluminum wing tube. I opted for a carbon spar. I purchased a Sig tailwheel assembly as the only improvement needed for the entire kit.
At last I finish!

I maidened her on a gorgeous day. It is the best flying model in my hangar. Here are the specs for you.
Motor: Dualsky XM6360CA/12 12 Turn Brushless Outrunner
Propeller: APC 22X10 E
ESC: Castle Creations HV85
Servos: 4) Hitec Digital 5625 (E,A) 1) Hitec 5925 (R)
Batteries: 2) Vampower Platinum 5S 3760MA in series (10S 3760)
Receiver: Vampowerpro RD8 Digital
Aux Power: Dualsky VR-3 Linear Voltage Regulator
Aux Battery: Dualsky2S1500 RX with on board balancer
Wide open throttle generates 68A static. Thrust is measured at over 17 pounds. This airplane will take off with less than half throttle in no headwind. Snap rolls are crisp and clean. Landing?.....she is a big baby.


Thanks for a great product!


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