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World Models Fun World 3D Electric Conversion


The Fun World is a great sport/3D plane. You can fly long pattern aerobatics or switch to 3D. It tracks very well and has neutral handling characteristics. It is also difficult to stall this plane even with the CG way back. As a kit, it comes very complete and takes very little time to assemble.

Hacker Brushless Motors : C50 Acro; 14T; 5.2:1 gearbox APC-E 20x8 prop 30 - 2600mah, Nimh Sanyo cells - zapped
AUW (all up weight) : 12 lbs
Static Thrust : 19 lbs
Current : 45 amps
Flight Time : Full Aerobatic 7 mins

One of the next phase improvements will be the use of new Lithium Polymer cells. Test with the same power system delivered the same output with 1lb reduction in weight and more than 20 mins of flight time.

Conversion Parts:
Power system : Hacker motors are available from
Speed control : Master 48 Series
Mounts : Hacker /AeroModel Motor mount
Batteries : 30 cell, Sanyo 2600 Nimhs zapped
Prop : APCe 24x8
Wing Tube : 1 inch diameter Carbon Fiber Tube – from PBG Composite
Servos : JR - DS3421: small, lightweight, high torque digital servos
Hinges : Dubro Giant Scale plastic hinges.
Conversion Process:

The ARF is very complete and easy to assemble. Follow instructions for basic assembly. For lighter weight, you can use smaller high torque servos as well as a carbon fiber wing tube. In addition, I’ve used giant scale hinges to help with high deflections on control surfaces for 3D flight.

Complete all the hinging and mount all servos except for the rudder servo. I needed to lower the rudder servo tray to make it possible to slide the battery pack into the fuse. The Fun World has a very large hatch that makes it very easy to load and unload the battery. My battery pack is 1-16 cell and 1-14 cell set taped

together (see photo below). You can adjust your CG by moving the pack. The Fun World will not stall so you can move the CG well behind the factory location without worry. Just be careful on landing as the plane will balloon as you slow and cut power. You need a little down elevator to keep the nose level.


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