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World Models Giant Scale Zero

The Zero is a beautifully finished giant scale plane and an impressive plane to see in the air. As always, the World Models ARF is very complete and assembly time is fast. The control surfaces are pre-hinged to make the process very simple and straight forward.

Hacker Brushless Motors : C50-14XL Acro, 6.7:1 gear ratio APC-electric 24x12 prop 10 series 4 parallel Lithium Polymer cells from Thunderpower
AUW (all up weight) : 17 lbs
Static Thrust : 24 lbs
Current : 68 amps
Flight Time : Full Aerobatic 12 -14 mins
Conversion Parts:
Power system : Hacker motors are available from
Speed control : Master 77 Series from
Mounts : Hacker / AeroModel Motor mount
Batteries : 10s4p Lipoly –
Prop : APCe 24x12 -
Conversion Process:

The ARF is very complete and easy to assemble. Follow the instructions for basic assembly. The only modification I made was to place the rudder servo in the throttle servo location to move the CG forward. The Zero has a very short nose and requires a lot of weight up front to balance it properly.

Motor Mount:

I used the Hacker- AeroModel motor mount. You need to order the C50 front plate and an extra set of side brackets for more stiffness. Prepare the cowl by mounting the aluminum brackets to the cowl first then slide the cowl bracket on to the firewall box. The brackets should sandwich the firewall box. Locate the cowl in roughly the right location. Measure the length required for the motor mount. The front of the mount should be within a ½ inch of the front of the cowl. You will need to stretch out the front mount to the last mounting holes to make it as long as possible.

Locate the mounting holes on the firewall by aligning it with the cowl. Duct tape the motor mount in place and slide the cowl to see if it is centered. When you find the correct location, mark the holes on the firewall. You will need bolts and blind nuts to mount the motor bracket. I would suggest 4mm or larger. The mounting hardware that comes with the plane could be used but is rather large. Prepare the motor by soldering the speed control to the motor leads. To make sure you have the right wires, place the motor on a table with the leads exiting out the top.

Place the speed control with the label up on the table. Match the leads - they should be in the correct order. Do a quick bench test to confirm that the motor is spinning in the correct direction. Once the motor mount is bolted into the firewall, mount the motor. Make sure you use blue Locktite on the mounting screws. To prevent vibration, use nylon cable ties – one on each side – at the rear of the motor. Make sure you tighten each side evenly. This reduces motor vibration caused by large props.



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