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World Models Super Sports Senior

With 81 inches of wing and 11 lbs AUW, the Super Sport is a big electric conversion. It's a very forgiving plane to fly and with this power system setup, it is powerful and very nimble. The Hacker B50-11XL with a 5.2:1 gearbox, 24 cells and a 16x10 APCe prop delivers 10.5 lbs of static thrust. You can do full aerobatics with big loops, slow stall turns, and lazy spins. The biggest surprise is the Super Sport's ability to do knife edges at ¾ throttle. At full throttle you can easily do a knife edge circle.

Wing : 81 in wingspan, 1020 sq in wing area, approx 26oz/sq ft wing loading
Hacker Brushless Motors : Hacker B50-11XL, 5.2:1 gear; APC-E16x10, 24 -3000 Sanyo HV Nimhs
All Up Weight : 11 lbs
Static Thrust : 167 oz
Current : 45 amps
Flight Time : Full Aerobatic 6 min
The conversion is straight forward particularly if you use the Aero Model B50 motor mount and follow these instructions. Special work involves locating the batteries and providing access and venting. The Super Sport Senior is an extremely complete ARF. There is very little to do other than install the servos, control linkages and tail feathers. All of the control surfaces are pre-hinged at the factory and have more than sufficient travel for aerobatic performance. If you have all the parts, you can get this done in 2 nights. It took me 3 nights since I had to figure out the battery location and access.
Required Parts:
1. Hacker B50-11XL, 5.2:1 gearbox, 2- B50 heatsinks
2. Hacker/Jeti - Master 77 series speed control (12-30 cells)
3. Aeromodel B50 motor mount
4. Graupner 60mm spinner with 6mm motor shaft adapter
5. APC-E 16x10 electric prop
6. 3 - 8 cell packs of Sanyo 3000HV Nimh batteries arranged in a "shot gun" 2 rows by 4 cells end to end.
1. Connectors: AstroFlight Zero Loss or Sermos or any other high amp connector
2. Thick Velcro
3. 4ea 8x32 bolts and blind nuts
Assemble the plane as per instructions except for the motor installation. The pull-pull wire system for the elevator and rudder were outstanding; particularly the bell crank system on the elevator. The removable elevator is particularly useful for transporting the plane.
Motor Installation:

To position the motor mount in the correct location relative to the cowl, you will need to center the AeroModel motor mount inside the existing mounting holes. Draw lines connecting the centers of the mounting holes. Assemble the motor mount and place it evenly inside this rectangle and trace the location of the mounting holes.

Drill out the holes for the 8-32 blind nuts. Install the bind nuts by pushing them into the holes from the back of the firewall and screwing in the 8-32 bolts from the front. Tighten the bolts to seat the blind nuts into the firewall. To reduce weight, tap out the blind nuts from the factory holes using the supplied mounting bolts.

Install the motor mount using Locktite on the bolts.

Make sure to extend the front mount as far forward as possible while using all of the screws.

Test fit the cowl to check for proper alignment. Also, cut a hole in the lower part of the cowl for air flow. A dremel tool with a cutting tools works well.



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