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Now it's time to create the hatch for the batteries and to locate the battery mounts. You can choose not to make a hatch if you don't mind taking the wing off after each flight. The hatch is relatively easy to make. A convenient location is the bottom of the plane, just behind the fire wall. There is a fiberglass cone for the glow engine exhaust that can be pushed out by hand. Cut the bottom area as shown about 3/8-1/2inch from the sides and about 1 inch from the leading edge former. You need to measure the width required to insert your batteries. I'm using 3 side by side 8 cell packs.

Once you've cut open the bottom, then you will need to cut through the former below the hatch opening. Make it just wide enough to hold the batteries.


Add battery supports as shown to hold the batteries in place photos below.


The batteries should be very snug and not move around. You don't want 3 lbs of batteries coming loose during a snap roll. Make a plywood lid than can hold the weight of the batteries. You should not rely on the Velcro straps to hold the batteries in the plane.

Lid before covering

Lid after covering


To allow for more airflow across the batteries, cut the firewall as show below. The cut is about 2 inches tall and about 1.5 inches wide at the center of the firewall.

Now solder the Speed Control to the Hacker Motor. Either heat shrink the solder joint or cover with electrical tape. Slide the heat sinks onto the motor. Mount the motor with the 3mm screws that come with the motor. Don't forget to apply Locktite to the screws. To reduce vibration, use 2 nylon ties (one on each side) to secure the rear of the motor to the motor mount.

Mount the speed control to the bottom of the motor mount bracket with nylon ties. This is a good location for airflow and makes the leads to the batteries relatively short. If you are not using Sermos connectors, you will need 3 battery connectors in series.

You will need to cut a vent hole in the bottom of the fuse behind the wing. This hole is about 2 x 3 inches or larger.

As a final step, mount the cowl with the screws provided and attach the Graupner spinner and APC 16x10 electric prop. The 60mm spinner is a good fit for this plane. Now you can test your system. I would recommend going outside. The power system delivers about 10.5 lbs of thrust.

On your first flight, you will find that the plane takes off very quickly. I would recommend that you apply up elevator to make sure that the plane tracks straight. Apply throttle gradually and as the tail comes up, release the elevator. The Super Sport Senior will rise quickly and you can fly the plane easily on 1/3 -1/2 throttle.

Once you have trimmed and balanced the plane, try loops, rolls and snap rolls. If you are comfortable with the plane; apply ¾ throttle, roll 90 degrees and apply top rudder. You will be surprised how well the plane will knife edge.

Enjoy the flight!


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