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World Models Zen 50

This is the most straightforward high-performance electric conversion that you are likely to find. The Zen 50's tuned pipe belly pan provides a perfect location for the 2-8 cell battery packs. It is easy to access, requires no modification and best of all, has cooling airflow. Performance is excellent. 75 ft diameter loops and 100 ft verticals are easily executed. With proper CG, you can hold a knife edge for over 200 ft without difficulty

Hacker Brushless Motors : Hacker B50-13L, 3.7:1 gear; APC-E14x10, 16 - 2400 SR Max NiCad cells
Weight with batteries : 7 lbs 7 oz
Static Thrust : 110 oz
Current : 45 amps
Flight Time : Full Aerobatic 4 min

I've tested and tried other power systems but I've found the Hacker motor system to be the most efficient, high performance system for this class of plane. This package can be used on any 40 size glow powered sport/aerobatic plane. I've used the same power system for World Models 40 size Mustang. The performance is just as exciting as the Zen 50.

Required Parts:
Available from
1. Hacker B50-13L, 3.7:1 gearbox
2. Hacker/Jeti - Master 70 series speed control.
3. Aeromodel B50 motor mount with tapered front
4. Graupner 60mm spinner with 6mm motor shaft adapter
5. APC-E 14x10 electric prop
Available from
2 - 8 cell packs of SR MAX 2400 NiCad batteries arranged in a "shot gun" 2 rows by 4 cells end to end.
1. Connectors: AstroFlight Zero Loss or Sermos or any other high amp connector
2. Thick Velcro
3. Small wood screws
Optional Parts:
Hitech HS-85MG servos - provides same torque as standard size servos but are more than an ounce lighter. With 4 servos, the weight savings is around 5 oz. That is basically the same weight as 2 sub-C size batteries.
Assemble the plane as per instructions except for the motor installation.
Optional - Consider using the smaller, lighter HS-85 servo. Use a spacer block in the wings to mount the smaller servos.

I also mounted the servos in the tail section to reduce the weight of the push rods and to provide a more responsive setup.



Rudder Servo Elevator Servo



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