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World Models Extra 300 Electric Conversion


This is an awesome plane and a real crowd pleaser anywhere you fly. People will be blown away when they find out that it is an electric plane because it’s BIG and flies great. Vertical performance is outstanding. On a hot charge (batteries charged at the field), this plane will easily climb vertically 400 to 500 ft. It will hover!

2 - Hacker Brushless Motors: B50-10XLs,
5:1 gear
APC-E 20x10 prop
40 – 2600mah,
Nimh Sanyo cells – zapped

AUW (all up weight): 16.75 lbs
Static Thrust: 21 lbs
Current: 45 amps
Flight Time: Full Aerobatic 6 mins

One of the next phase improvements will be the use of new Lithium Polymer cells. Test with the same power system delivered the same output with 1.25lbs reduction in weight and more than 15 mins of flight time. Basically, you will have a plane that is lighter than glow power, with same or better performance and as much duration.

Conversion Parts:
Power system : Hacker motors are available from
Speed controls : 2 - 77 Master Series from
Gear Drive :, 5:1 gear ratio, 48 pitch gears
Mounts : Jeti Motor rear clamp
Batteries : 4 - 10 cell, Sanyo 2600 Nimhs zapped –
Prop : APCe 20x10 -
Landing Gear : Carbon Fiber –
Wing Tube : 1 inch diameter Carbon Fiber Tube – from PBG Composite
Servos : JR - DS3421: small, lightweight, high torque digital servos –
Hinges : Dubro Giant Scale plastic hinges
Conversion Process:

The ARF is beautifully built and very easy to assemble. Follow instructions for basic assembly. I used small, high torque JR digital servos to save a little weight but it is not critical. I also replaced the landing gear and wing tube with carbon parts. I also replaced the metal hinges with Dubro Giant Scale plastic hinges. The combined modifications saved over 1.25 lbs.

The motor mount is the only place where I deviated from the plan. Since the electric motor does not cause strong vibration to the plane, I lighted this section.


The side section of the motor mount box and the firewall were lighten with holes. The box was assembled with epoxy and clamped in place. The bottom panel of the box was left off to offer access to wiring the speed control.


The final firewall box assembly with lightening holes.

Next the pinion gears were pressed on to the Hacker motors. You must do this carefully with a large vise or drill press. You need to support the rear of the motor where the bearing and shaft are to prevent it from being pushed out of the motor case. The pinion must be glued on with Green Locktite. Make sure to clean both the motor shaft and pinion with acetone to remove any grease. Next the motors were attached to the InnerDemon gear drive with 3 mm screws.


The screws should be medium tight to allow movement while you adjust the gear lash with the main gear. The gear should spin smoothly without feeling too tight. Once you have the correct spacing, blue locktite the mounting screws in place. Next, the rear clamps need to be prepared. You will need to cut away part of the clamp to fit the motor and InnerDemon mounting posts,



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